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“Yelena not only works hard but she also has a collegial approach, working well with colleagues towards a common goal.  She takes a positive approach and is a pleasure to work with...
Whatever we have asked her to do, she has done in a timely manner, including us in the process, and coming up with superior results.”
Richard May, Director of Sales & Customer Service, CEB, Continuing Education of the Bar, California

“YKdesign has been the best part of my business. Yelena's quality work, quick service and fair pricing makes having a website easy.
— Bob Brucia

“I worked with Yelena over 6 years. Yelena is a true professional.  She knows design and was a pleasure
to work with.

— Paula Lee, El Dorado Women's Center

“Yelena is a joy to work with. She not only is a great graphic designer who has a wonderful flair for color and composition, but she also knows how to motivate me to get her the information she needs in a timely fashion. Her personal style is friendly and professional, which encourages both of us to work well as a team to complete each project in a timely manner. And always, Yelena considers my budget as she and I discuss my web site needs. I highly recommend her services.
— Julie Cohn

“You're always fighting wars in the design field. Or at least a barrage of stress-producing battles. And I can’t imagine having a better sidekick on the front lines of advertising than Yelena. Typically, she takes on more work than she should, because she has the hardest time saying no. But then, she always manages to pull it off, with fresh ideas and very  little moaning. She’s creative yet practical. Sweet, yet she can unleash the ranting of a sailor. And while she’s a terrific designer, she’s one of these people who don’t let their ego get in the way. I would hire her for just about any design or productions job that comes down the pike, and would feel lucky as hell that someone else hadn’t grabbed her first.”
— Steve Sugar, Sugar Photography and Design

“She did a great job and understood the parameters of the job. She knew what to do and how to do it. If she didn't understand something, she was prompt to ask for clarification.”
— Trudy C. Kilian, Partner, DJT Consulting Group

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