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Hillary Clinton portrait

This portrait is my statement of support and admiration for Hillary Clinton. She is a remarkable person. She is a true fighter. I admire her courage, intellect, dignity, and perseverance. All these qualities I was trying to depict in this symbolic portrait. The title of the portrait is Courage, Wisdom, Perseverance. Images of lioness, owl and magnolias symbolize courage, wisdom, perseverance and dignity, respectively. The color theme represent life and vibrancy.

I am Hillary's proud supporter. I am a part of what media calls 'new silent Clinton majority'. We don't scream, we don't put on a show, we don't go to rallies, but WE DO VOTE. And our voices are not heard...

Normally I am not politically active. But I do vote in every major elections. I've been consistently voting for the last 20 years since I've became US citizen.

I've never painted politicians before, but I am really inspired by Hillary and feel that she is treated completely unfairly by mass media. Since the beginning of primaries I've been regularly following mass media headlines, and it became obvious to me that mass media was and is absolutely bias against Hillary Clinton.

And it's not getting better. It is preposterous to hear day after day that Hillary is as bad as Trump. She has never been, is or will be anything like Trump. There are millions like me in US who admire and support her, and she has hundreds of millions supporters worldwide. We will vote for her, and she will win.



yelena picWelcome to Yelena's Fine Art Gallery website. You can preview samples of Yelena's fine art work by clicking on Gallery and Mutopea Series links. These pieces were created using watercolor, pencil, and mixed media techniques.

Yelena Karanovich began her involvement with the world of art at the Art School for Gifted Children in Kharkov from which she graduated and then attended the Art Industrial Institute of Kharkov, Ukraine. She immigrated to the United States with her family in 1989 and received an Associate of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Laney College in Oakland in 1995. Karanovich has continued to broaden her artistic knowledge and expertise through local classes and self-study. She completed her BA degree in Art with Cum Laude
at the San Francisco State University (San Francisco, CA) in 2007.

Yelena’s work can be found in private collections in Europe and the United States. Her emphasis to date has been in watercolor and mixed media, but she also enjoys other avenues of expression, and is planning to place more emphasis on oil painting and graphic illustration. She has worked with a broad range of subject matter accented by portraiture, floral and decorative elements. For the last few years, she was working on developing her new series "Mutopea."

Karanovich has been teaching watercolor techniques in classroom workshops and giving private lessons to children and adults.

She can be contacted by an e-mail at

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