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is a fantasy world which occupants, Mutopeans, peacefully coexist with each other and other species. The main premise of Mutopea is that all the creatures are different: each individual is unique in appearance and character. Fat or skinny, tall or short, scales or fins, wrinkles or balloons – everything is acceptable as long as you treat each other with respect and dignity.
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The unique character of each Mutopean makes them create different social groups. The new generations of Mutopeans on Mutopea are born with unique character and appearance like their parents. Envy, greed and hunger are obsolete. Mutopea becomes the kind of world humans could think about in their dreams.

I created these characters using black pen and then enhanced the images in Adobe Photoshop by using Color Replacement Tool.

Mutopea project was inspired by the art and cultural studies at the San Francisco State University and by my disgust with (pop) cultural and media trends that manipulate public opinion regarding our looks and lifestyles – trying to uniformly shape us into ‘perfectly looking and behaving beings.’

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